Neighborhood Shabbat

Neighborhood Shabbat 9/14/12JUNE Neighborhood Shabbat: Friday, June 14th at 6:30 pm


Lanesville Neighborhood Shabbat will be hosted at the home of Sue Anne and Michael Adams (1030 Washington St, Gloucester). Please RSVP to Sue Anne and let her know what you plan to bring: appetizer, veggies, grains, pasta, salad, dessert or wine. Early RSVP is always appreciated by the hosts.

Beverly Neighborhood Shabbat dinner will be hosted by Steve Cohen and Andrea MacLeod at 514 Hale Street, Pride’s Crossing, Beverly. The hosts will supply the main course. Drinks, appetizers, salads, veggies, and desserts are requested (dairy or vegetarian please). Please RSVP to Andréa at 978.927.3335 and let the hosts know what you will be bringing and the number in your party.

Annual Lanesville Shabbat BBQ

The Lanesville Shabbat  BBQ will be held at 6 pm on Friday, August 2nd at The Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan St, Gloucester, MA 01930. Jenniferlee Levits and Pharrel Wener will be hosting. Please RSVP Pharrel to coordinate your food contribution. As meat will be served, please do not bring any foods containing milk products. The hosts will provide the burgers and sausages