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The Rabbi Search Committee


Dear TAA Members,

I am delighted to tell you that the Search Committee has been formed! It will be ably led by Co-Chairs Bo Abrams and Richard Quateman. The membership is as follows:

Mark Arnold, Adam Farber, Susan Federspiel, Jonathan Katz, Tamar Lipof and Dale Rosen. As TAA President, I hold an Ex officio position on the committee.

There was overwhelming interest in being on the Search Committee. It was wonderful to see how many of you volunteered to participate in this endeavor. In order to keep the committee to a manageable size, we were not able to accept all the offers of help. We worked diligently in the formation of this committee. We feel we have a balance of constituents who are reflective of our TAA community. We carefully looked at levels of ritual observance, institutional memory (i.e. TAA history,) representation of our board of directors, upcoming leadership, a mix of generations and the Sylvia Cohen Family Learning Project.

The committee is meeting regularly. This page will be updated as we progress in our plans for the timeline for our work and the steps that will be taken.

I look forward to working with the committee and all of you as we seek our next Spiritual Leader. 

~Amy Farber


Committee Member Bios


Bo Abrams (Committee Co-Chair)
Spouse: Jim Dowd (of blessed memory z’l)
Children: Rebecca, 20; Treely, 17
Years at TAA: 27 

Why TAA is important to me: Being with my TAA family for life-cycle rituals has supported me in times of sorrow and joy. When I first came to TAA, Judaism wasn't important to me or my non-Jewish husband (James Dowd of blessed memory). We were skeptical about religion and traditional rituals. In the six-week period between my grandmother dying and our daughter being born, the TAA family reached out to us to honor a new life and a death. Through rituals that had supported a millennia of generations before us, our hearts and minds opened. TAA's traditions are pivotal in nourishing me as I honor difficult losses and celebrate joyous events.

What I love doing at TAA: I LOVE how we touch someone who is touching the challah before we say the motzi

Activities I participate in at TAA: TAA Board member; Rabbi Liaison Committee; Relational Judaism; Sylvia Cohen Family Learning Project.

Professional Life: Yoga Therapist and Mindfulness Based Facilitator. 

Fun Fact: One of my favorite jobs was being a shepherdess on a kibbutz.


Mark Arnold
Spouse: Judy Arnold
Children: Dr. Elizabeth Arnold, 57; Michael Arnold, 55
Years at TAA; 12

Why TAA is important to me: TAA is the only way to be Jewishly connected and involved on Cape Ann

What I love doing at TAA: Prayer, Music, holiday celebrations

Activities I participate in at TAA: Shabbat; music; Wise Aging; Board Member; Chesed, Finance, Investment Management, Kitchen and Nominating Committees.

Professional Life: Newspaper reporter, editor and columnist, most of it in Washington, D.C. Also Editor and Publisher of the Jewish Journal.   


Adam Farber
Spouse: Sara Roizen
Children: Rohin,8; Kai, 6
Years at TAA: 41

Why TAA is important to me: Having grown up at TAA, this community has always been the center of my Jewish identity. Most of my major Jewish life events happened here: my Bris, Bar Mitzvah, Wedding. The building may have changed, as has the Rabbi, but ultimately, it is the people - this community - that defines "TAA'' for me. That is what is most important in my life. TAA is a Jewish family for me and my family. Passing that tradition and sense of home to my kids is my highest priority now at TAA. Through the SCFLP, I am watching that connection continue to strengthen and flourish.

What I love doing at TAA: The social gatherings are the events I love the most. I remember so clearly as a kid everyone gathering on the pavilion outside TAA after High Holiday services. Of course, my sisters and I would be tugging on our parents' sleeves eager to go home, but knowing deep down that this was the real role for TAA in our lives. Today, Kabbalat Shabbat on the beach, Purim Parties, and hiking with fellow SCRS parents on Sundays are among my favorite things to do with the TAA community.

Activities I participate in at TAA; Musical Kabbalat Shabbat; Sylvia Cohen Family Learning Project; Strategic Plan team.

Professional Life: Second-generation owner of Mark Adrian Shoes in Gloucester

Fun Fact:  Getting my BA from Jewish Theological Seminary gave me the opportunity to spend time with Carlos Santana, Willie Nelson, Derek Trucks, Leonard Cohen, Taj Mahal, Bill Withers, Shuggie Otis and many others.


Amy R. Farber
Spouse: Mark
Children: Adam, 41; Shira, 38; Robin 34
Years at TAA: 46

Why TAA is important to me: TAA is the center of a vibrant Jewish life on Cape Ann for which I am so grateful. We celebrate, pray and learn together. We are a caring community that supports one another in times of need and sorrow. TAA's history is a part of the fabric of Gloucester and holds a significant and relevant position in the city today. I look forward to our synagogue's future in this very special place.

What I love doing at TAA: I LOVE: helping people find their way into TAA; to find their place; bringing people together for everything Jewish; getting to know one another better and meeting new people; observing our school, teachers and the kids on a Sunday morning; helping to bring our generations together; being at services and feeling the sense of community that I find when we pray together.

Activities I participate in at TAA: TAA President; Shabbat services; neighborhood shabbat; tot programs; committee work

Professional Life: Teacher; Director of Admission for Epstein Hillel School.

Fun Fact: When Mark and I joined TAA in the mid-70’s, we were THE YOUNGEST members...and now WE’RE NOT.


Susan Federspiel
Spouse: Greg Federspiel
Children: Seth, 37; Michaela,33
Years at TAA: 8

Why TAA is important to me: My Jewish community has been central to my life for the last three decades. TAA is important to me as my spiritual home, a place to connect with friends, a place to make music and a place that I'm committed to helping thrive.

What I love doing at TAA: I LOVE to immerse myself in the liturgy, make music and teach.

Activities I participate in at TAA: Shabbat services; Musical Kabbalat Shabat; Music Committee, Chair; Wise Aging; Board Member; Nominating Committee; Programming Committee; Ritual Committee; Teacher, Adult Hebrew.

Professional Life: Jewish Educator; Mayyim Hayim volunteer mikveh guide.

Fun Fact: I was one of the founders of the Jewish Community of Greater Stowe (VT) which is now a thriving community with a beautiful building and a full-time rabbi.


Jonathan Katz
Spouse: Norah
Years at TAA: 12 

Why TAA is important to me: Being part of the Jewish community is important to me, to celebrate and observe our traditions and take an educated and positive role in our relationship to the larger Jewish world and Israel. 

What I love doing at TAA: I really enjoy attending and hosting the Friday night neighborhood Shabbat which provides a relaxed atmosphere to get to know our neighbors and make connections.

Activities I participate in at TAA: Some services, Holidays and special programs.

Professional Life: Real Estate development and consulting.

Fun facts: I was a part time and high holiday cantor during my college years.


Tamar Lipof
Spouse: Bernie Romanowski
Children: Avital, 8; Maayan, 6
Years at TAA: 4

Why TAA is important to me: Community. Kavod. Family & friends. Raising Jewish children and carrying on Jewish traditions/teaching/values. Being a part of a wonderful Jewish community on the North Shore!

What I love doing at TAA: I love celebrating Jewish holidays with the TAA congregation/families.

Professional Life: Beverly Hospital colorectal surgeon and general surgeon. 

Fun Fact: I love Doritos (like I really, really, really, love them).


Richard Quateman (Committee Co-Chair)
Spouse: Susan
Children: Daniel, 32; Emma, 27
Years at TAA: 22 

Why TAA is important to me: TAA provides a core Jewish community here on Cape Ann for our family. Playing and singing in Alle Brider band and the choir gives me joy.

Activities I participate in at TAA: Musical Kabbalat Shabbat; Board Member; Vice President, Music Committee.

Professional Life: Environmental Consultant focusing on hazardous waste site cleanups, Brownfield redevelopment and land use planning.

Fun Fact: I've worked as a white-water boatman and a ranch hand/wrangler


Dale Rosen
Spouse: Terry Segal
Years at TAA:  33

Why TAA is important to me: I have found my spiritual home at TAA through prayer, study, teaching. TAA has always been a safe place to explore questions of faith and Jewish practice through Torah study and classes and conversations with other members.

What I love doing at TAA: TAA has offered me many opportunities to join with others to create something new. I can always find 10 people to help produce events like the TAA No-So-Much-Talent Talent Show, or participate in Wise Aging or enjoy Shabbat together in our neighborhoods. I love the diverse mix of creative people who are drawn to our community.

Activities I Participate in at TAA: Shabbat Services; Torah Study; Wise Aging; Chesed Committee; Communication Committee; Programming Committee; Rabbinic Liaison Committee; Ritual Committee; Past President; Board Member
Professional Life: Grant writer;marketing/communications writer for non-profits; Fundraising Consultant.

Fun Fact: I met my husband at TAA at a Shabbat morning service.

Sun, January 23 2022 21 Shevat 5782