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We remain closed until Friday, May 4th when the current situation will be re-evaluated and a decision will be made whether or not it is safe to re-open yet.* In the meantime, we have moved our Religious School, our weekly Torah Study class, our morning Shabbat service and our Sunday minyan service to the ZOOM platform. Please see our homepage for instructions on how to join our Zervices! (aka "Services via Zoom"!

Our adult education programs are extraordinarily rich and varied. We've had member-run classes, as well as courses led by our rabbi and visiting scholars.
Subjects have ranged from delving into modern interpretations of biblical texts, to challah making and silk painting on tallits.
We've discussed Jewish legal issues, the Book of Ruth, the whys of mitzvot and had free-ranging conversations on the nature of God and Jewish values. Sign up for classes with Rabbi Lewis!



Hop Mayne Homentashn

Shabbat Morning Amidah Siddur Lev Shalem (p. 157-167)

"On Translation" by Rabbi Lewis offered on Yom Kippur 5779 | 2018

Lithurgical HIstory and Feminist perspectives on "Who raises the dead" My People's Prayerbook, Vol 2 - The Amidah, p. 76-78

What to Look for in the Service, My People's Prayerbook, Introduction to the Liturgy

Shema, These are the Words: A Vocabulary of Jewish Spiritual Life by Art Green

Kaddish, These are the Words: A Vocabulary of Jewish Spiritual Life by Art Green

Two Introductions to Midrash by James Kugel

 Judaism's 10 Best Ideas: A Brief Guide for Seekers by Art Green:


Wed, April 1 2020 7 Nisan 5780