Caring Community

Our Caring Community


Caring Community “Deeds of loving kindness are equal in weight to all the commandments.”
Jerusalem Talmud

Our Caring Community's mission is to support our members during difficult times.

We offer help with:

• Rides to TAA services and events
• Rides to medical appointments
• Hospital or home visits
• Meals for those recovering from illness and their caregivers
• Grocery shopping
• Shiva Minyans

The support of our community for congregants who are hospitalized and ill at home makes a tremendous impact on those in need.

The Caring Community Committee requests that you check in with the Caring Coordinator of the month via email before buying or preparing food for any individual. There may be food restrictions due medical reasons, kashrut or personal preferences that we want to take into consideration before bringing food items.

If you need assistance or know someone who does, please call or email the monthly Caring Community Coordinators or Rabbi Lewis.

If you want to volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Survey and/or talk to the monthly Caring Community Coordinators.

February Chesed Coordinators: Irma Cohen 978.283.7900 and Melissa Dempsey 978.604.1783

TAA Healing Shawls


Our Caring Community is making Healing Shawls for members of our community who are ill or in need of comfort. If you are interested, we have simple instructions and Elly Shankman will help you get started.

Click here for knitting instructions or pick them up at TAA.

TAA Support Groups

As caregivers we may often feel lonely, fearful, angry, inadequate, sad, overworked and very tired. Many have found that the sharing of one’s personal struggles and the opportunity to listen to each other’s stories can give one strength and courage. To help one another, the Chesed Committee has organized a Support Group for TAA members who are caring for seriously ill or dying family members or intimate friends, caring for those with severe physical or mental disabilities or who have lost a loved one.
What is shared in this group will remain in the group and will be considered private communication and not for discussion elsewhere.
The group meets monthly at TAA (usually on the 4th Sunday at 10 am) and is led by Fern Miller, a therapist and TAA member. The group is open and new people are encouraged to come at any time and continue to come for as long as they want.
If you have any questions or need someone to stay with your family member or need transportation to the Temple, please contact Dale Rosen at 978.282.5601.

Looking for Volunteers


The Chesed Committee is always looking for volunteers to serve as Monthly Coordinators. To learn more and sign up, please contact Betty Slatko.

We need 2 people for each month to receive calls for assistance and then find volunteers who can provide help.
We have a very active and large group of people willing and able to meet member needs so all the Coordinators have to do is match up those who need help with those who have signed up to provide it.
Please contact Betty Slatko for information and scheduling.