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We remain closed until Friday, May 4th when the current situation will be re-evaluated and a decision will be made whether or not it is safe to re-open yet.* In the meantime, we have moved our Religious School, our weekly Torah Study class, our morning Shabbat service and our Sunday minyan service to the ZOOM platform. Please see our homepage for instructions on how to join our Zervices! (aka "Services via Zoom"!

Annette Duke and Abe Baron making Honey CakeIf you really want to dig in to congregational life, you can join one of our standing committees. If you are socially minded, our community activities range from the lively to the positively unruly.
From our Neighborhood Shabbat suppers, our “not-so-much-talent” Hannukah shows, Psalms on the Water kayaking trips, to Havdallah on the Beach and Summer Socials, Cape Ann Jews enjoy being together.


To learn how to get involved, please contact our main office at 978.281.0739.

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Wed, April 1 2020 7 Nisan 5780