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We are a community that enjoys getting together and thinking up new ways to have fun, learn, and enrich our lives. We hosted a Joe Kessler concert, Cafe Shalom, a Kugel Kook-off, photo exhibits of family history and members’ trips to Israel. We have also hosted renowned authors, including Harold Kushner, Joan Nathan, and Anita Diamant, as well as singer Neshama Carlebach.

Check out recordings and resources from some of our wonderful recent events:


Do Not Destroy: Jewish Food and Our Earth


Bal tashchit, do not destroy, has come to be a rallying cry for Jewish environmental efforts generally. Yet the original mitzvah relates specifically to food consumption, commanding us to preserve life through caring for the land and our food sources. How can we practice these principles of preservation and conservation today? How does a plant-based diet allow us to live out a Jewish ethic of land stewardship and care? Presenter Sara Eifler (she/her) is the Program Director of Jewish Veg, a national nonprofit that inspires and assists Jews to adopt plant-based diets as an expression of Jewish values.  


The Amazing Jewish Calendar or

When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Small Piece of Pie, It’s Rosh Chodesh


Jokes about “Jewish time” notwithstanding, Jews mark the passage of time with an astonishing precision and consistency. Nothing influences Jewish life as much as the Jewish calendar. And yet, most Jews have no idea how their calendar works. Or how it came to be.  Topics include: Basic Astronomy; Evolution of our Civil Calendar; The Jewish calendar compared to the Muslim, Egyptian, Julian and Gregorian systems; Is the Jewish calendar lunar? (Or just looney?); The Babylonian roots of the Jewish calendar (Welcome to Baghdad Central Time); Marking time in the days of the Temple; Months, seasons and Holy Days (Keeping Pesach out of the winter); Common Years and Leap years; Full months, defective months, and months that can’t make up their minds; Tweaking the Calendar (Is Rosh Hashanah early or late this year?)

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American Passover and Racial Justice 

Watch the recording of Bill Fonvielle's program with an introduction by Rabbi Lewis




A Message from TAA Past Presidents

Watch this From-the-Heart Video of TAA's Past Presidents on What Serving TAA Meant to Them and reflect on what you can do to participate in TAA leadership. Contact any of the past presidents with questions and ideas.Thanks for keeping TAA strong!!!

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