Sylvia Cohen Religious School




Alef Bet!

Grades K to 7

scrs_2018.jpegFrom pre-school through B’nai Mitzvah and teenage years, learning at our Sylvia Cohen Religious School is fun, experiential, and serious; it is about language, tradition, spirituality, culture, ritual, art, movie making, and lots of music.

We seek to instill in our students a passion for a life-long journey of Jewish living and learning. Our inclusive environment and low student-teacher ratio enable our teachers to offer personal and supportive educational experiences for all our students. 

To implement our vision, our teachers:
•    Create differentiated lesson plans to address multiple learning styles
•    Develop creative, relevant curriculum based on Torah, Jewish life, Jewish history and a connection to Israel and the Hebrew language 
•    Approach Jewish learning in a forward thinking manner that makes it meaningful and applicable to their lives in the 21st century
•    Promote free thinking, non-judgmental classes that engage our students
•    Create an enthusiastic and joyous classroom environment
•    Create a strong appreciation for the sacred, rooted in a deep understanding of tradition 
•    Utilize music to develop a connection to and love of Jewish musical history and culture

For more information about TAA's Sylvia Cohen Religious School (SCRS) please contact our SCRS Director of Family Learning at 978.281.0739.