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We remain closed until Friday, May 4th when the current situation will be re-evaluated and a decision will be made whether or not it is safe to re-open yet.* In the meantime, we have moved our Religious School, our weekly Torah Study class, our morning Shabbat service and our Sunday minyan service to the ZOOM platform. Please see our homepage for instructions on how to join our Zervices! (aka "Services via Zoom"!

TAA Committees at a Board Meeting

For more details on the TAA Committees (i.e., list of co-chairs, committee missions, goals, etc.), please send your inquiry to the Temple's Office Coordinator Natalia Carollo.

Art Committee
Ruth Mordecai and Carol Seitchik

Cemetery Committee
Mark Farber

Arley Pett

Chesed (Caring Community) Committee
Elaine Byrne and Audrey Fraser

Communications Committee
 Miriam Weinstein

Finance Committee

Debbie Hilbert

House Committee
Arley Pett and Barry Moir

Human Resources

Ruth Liebermann

Investment Committee

Neil Glickstein

Kitchen Committee

Janet Cline

Everybody Eats - Gloucester ACTION Shelter Lunches

Ellen Solomon

Open Door Food Pantry Dinners

Connie Zaitchik and Roz Gold

Membership Committee
Laura Stevens

Nominating Committee

Amy Farber and Susan Federspiel

Programming Committee

Ruth Budelmann and Susan Federspiel

Rabbinic Liason

Louis Goldish

Ritual Committee

Marilyn Kramer

Sylvia Cohen Religious School (SCRS) Committee

Jenai Cohen

Social Justice Committee (ECCO)
Barbara Kaplan, Sam Silverman and Ruth Budelmann


Sat, April 4 2020 10 Nisan 5780