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  • Explain that you are part of TAA’s Relational Judaism Initiative
  • Explain that conducting One-to-One conversations is a primary tool being used to build relationships between TAA members, leading to an even stronger TAA community
  • Explain that over the next 30-45 minutes the two of you will take turns answering the same questions in order to have a meaningful conversation
  • Quickly review the three questions you plan on using in this One-to-One
  • Explain that you will watch the time and the pace of the conversation to respect the other person’s time commitment
  • Explain that there are no right or wrong answers to the questions being asked: There is no script; you are just trying to get to know the other person a little better

The Conversation

  • Start with the first question and then go first in answering that question
  • When you are finished answering the first question, ask the other person to answer the same question
  • Go on to questions 2 and 3, taking turns in answering
  • For variety, ask if the other person is interested in answering questions 2 and/or 3 first, before you answer. If not, fine - you can go first each time
  • Do not be judgmental about what the other person says in responding to the questions
  • Feel free to ask each other clarifying questions about your responses, but mostly let the other person talk while responding to a question
  • If you hear something that gives you concern about the other person’s well-being, don’t feel you have to problem solve. One option is to suggest that the person contact the Rabbi to discuss the issue. Another option is for you to offer to contact the Rabbi on behalf of the other person, if preferred.


  • Thank the person for taking the time to participate in the one-to-one and for sharing responses to your questions
  • If the person made a specific request about wanting to know more about certain aspect of Temple life, then say you will try to provide a response soon
Tue, April 16 2024 8 Nisan 5784