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Hi! This is (state your name) from TAA. Do you have 5 minutes to learn about an exciting new initiative at the Temple?


[If the person you have called says “yes,’" proceed with the script below. If the person says “no,” ask if there is a better time to call.]

[If you cannot reach the person by phone, send an email invitation drawing from the paragraph below.]

You may have heard that TAA has a new strategic plan that emphasizes the building of deeper relationships among Temple members to strengthen the TAA community. We call this “Relational Judaism.” One of the tools we are using is
for TAA members to have a One-to-One conversation with each other. In a One-to-One conversation, two people talk with each other for 30-45 minutes focusing on three pre-selected questions that help them to get to know each other better. Questions may include how we came to join TAA or what our interests and passions are. The two people in a One-to-One take turns answering the same questions. Do you have any questions so far?


[If so, take the time to answer any questions, then proceed with the script below.]

I would very much like to have a One-to-One conversation with you. There is no preparation needed. I will present the questions for our One-to-One. Would you be interested in scheduling a Zoom call for the two of us? If so, what is a
convenient date and time for you?


[After the scheduling is complete, conclude below.]

I look forward to talking with you. Thanks!

Tue, April 16 2024 8 Nisan 5784