Rabbi Myron and Eileen Geller Endowment Campaign Updates


December 14, 2018

We have made much progress in the Rabbi Myron and Eileen Geller Endowment Campaign for the Sylvia Cohen Religious School and Family Learning at TAA. We sincerely thank all of you who have joined us in supporting this endeavor.

Our immediate goal is to reach $1,000,000 with 100% participation from our congregation.

It is a joy to support the awe-inspiring work of Phoebe Potts and her teaching staff. Together they have created a school with a stellar reputation that is meeting the needs of a new generation of families. This year we have 11 new students joining us from 8 new member families. And they come to us from Beverly, Essex, Gloucester, Hamilton, Manchester, and Rockport.

When long time temple members Phil and Eve Cutter conceived of this campaign, they saw it as an investment in our synagogue and our children, present and future. With co-chairs Ruth Budelmann and Sam Silverman, and a committee of volunteers, they have lovingly and passionately been working to secure the strength of our Jewish community.

Let us work together for this living legacy in the names of Rabbi Myron and Eileen Geller who gave so much of themselves for over 40 years. Their wisdom, spiritual guidance, and generosity laid the foundations of this temple and made TAA a vital presence in Gloucester and Cape Ann.

If you have yet to make a pledge or wish to increase one, this is a great time to do it. There will be a “Plaque of Honor” placed in the lobby with the names of all those who have pledged $1,000 or more to the campaign. We remind you that pledges may be paid over 3-5 years. All gifts, whatever the amount, add value to our campaign. To make a donation or pledge, please click here.

Remember, also, that in our community, there is no “somebody else” to do it... there is only us!


Amy Farber, TAA President


For a personal reflection on the campaign, please click here.