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Relational Judaism Initiative: Relational Judaism in Action: Check-In, Check-Out, Hang-Out

Introduction:  Relational Judaism can happen anywhere and any time at TAA.  Check-In, Check-Out, Hang-Out is a new initiative that offers three different ways for Temple members to connect during either a live or a Zoom meeting.  People attend Temple and committee meetings to work on events, programs, services.  But, they are also looking for meaningful experiences with other Temple members. These techniques can be used to both build relationships and increase participation at meetings.

“Meetings" cover a broad spectrum, such as a Program Committee Meeting, a knitting class, a book group, a Finance Committee Meeting or any other gathering of a group of TAA members.  This simple initiative, Check-In, Check-Out, Hang-Out, gives members an opportunity to share something about themselves and to connect.  Leaders can decide which of these techniques to use at their meeting.  As Ron Wolfson, says in his book Relational Judaism: Using the Power of Relationships to Transform the Jewish Community,  people will come to TAA for programs but they will stay for relationships.

Learn more about how Check-In, Check-Out, Hang-Out Works

Relational Judaism Initiative: One-to-One Conversations

What is a One-to-One Conversation?

  • A One-to-One is a 30-45 minute conversation between two people that helps build a relationship between them based on the sharing of meaningful life stories which identify their passions, interests, and vision.
  • A One-to-One conversation is not an interview. It is a two-way conversation people have to talk about things that are important to them in their lives and communities. Often the conversations lead participants to discover common experiences in their lives.
  • TAA's One-to-One campaign will help members get to know each other better. By sharing stories, ideas, and perspectives in a meaningful way, we will build relationships that will strengthen our TAA community.

Characteristics of a One-to-One:

  • Intentional conversation with pre-selected questions
  • Intentional conversation with pre-selected questions
  • Sharing of life stories
  • Personal – probing, but not prying
  • Focus on developing a relationship based on sharing passions, interests, and vision

Script for Calling to Invite Someone to a One-to-One Conversation

Guidelines for Conducting a One-to-One Conversation

List of Potential One-to-One Questions


Fri, September 29 2023 14 Tishrei 5784