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Relational Judaism Initiative: One-to-One Conversations

What is a One-to-One Conversation?

  • A One-to-One is a 30-45 minute conversation between two people that helps build a relationship between them based on the sharing of meaningful life stories which identify their passions, interests, and vision.
  • A One-to-One conversation is not an interview. It is a two-way conversation people have to talk about things that are important to them in their lives and communities. Often the conversations lead participants to discover common experiences in their lives.
  • TAA's One-to-One campaign will help members get to know each other better. By sharing stories, ideas, and perspectives in a meaningful way, we will build relationships that will strengthen our TAA community.

Characteristics of a One-to-One:

  • Intentional conversation with pre-selected questions
  • Intentional conversation with pre-selected questions
  • Sharing of life stories
  • Personal – probing, but not prying
  • Focus on developing a relationship based on sharing passions, interests, and vision

Script for Calling to Invite Someone to a One-to-One Conversation

Guidelines for Conducting a One-to-One Conversation

List of Potential One-to-One Questions


Wed, December 8 2021 4 Tevet 5782